We equip students for greatness through delivering knowledge with a great touch of excellence.


We maintain a strong culture and environment that enforces quality values in students

Skills Acquisation

We prepare the students for future responsibility and global dominance.


We create, and maintain standards that prepare the students for leadership.

Commandant NDABSS Afaka
NDABSS Commandant


The NDABSS Afaka is the first and only Boarding Secondary School owned by a Tri-Service Institution in NIgeria. We are fully committed to fulfilling the vision of the founding fathers and execute assigned mission to make our country a better place. The need for intentional cultivation of leadership potentials, nationalistic and patriotic values in secondary school students cannot be overemphasized. Our environment is self motivating and adequately equipped to support the emotional, physical and intellectual development of our students, ‘’The Valiants’’. In addition to established academic curriculum, the students would have the opportunity of being inspired by the military institutional environment and various activities of Cadets of the Nigerian Defence Academy. They will also acquire life changing light military skills / training required for success in life and future career. We anticipate an exciting time with the pioneer JSS 1 set of ‘The Valiants’ commencing all academic activities in September 2024. Thank you.